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[#] Wed Feb 16 2022 10:04:15 UTC from rss <>

Subject: Request pcu-v2

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[#] Wed Feb 16 2022 10:04:15 UTC from rss <>

Subject: Performance Control Unit V2 (PCU)

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[#] Wed Feb 16 2022 21:54:02 UTC from rss <>

Subject: Can someone help me locate some movie theater graphics?

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I'm trying to create a header/banner for a responsive gallery page. 

I'm really bad at photoshop but I've been cheated twice on fiverr so I'm going to try and do it myself.


[#] Thu Feb 17 2022 06:24:49 UTC from rss <>

Subject: Lynda - Sleep Is Your Superpower WANTED

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[#] Thu Feb 17 2022 11:25:08 UTC from rss <>

Subject: [Reseed] David Hamilton Nude Erotic Art Photography - 4500 photos

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Hello, recently i have found this archive of David Hamilton´s photographs:

David Hamilton Nude Erotic Art Photography - 4500 photos

But it´s from 2009 and needs reseeding.
Can somebody help me please?


[#] Fri Feb 18 2022 01:29:05 UTC from rss <>

Subject: newlyweds Nick & Jessica

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[#] Fri Feb 18 2022 03:29:52 UTC from rss <>

Subject: National Lampoon Radio Hour

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I cannot seem to find any full episodes of the original National Lampoon Radio Hour. I own the box set (Buy This Box Set Or We'll Shoot This Dog) but have never heard a full episode of the show. There was a torrent with a dozen episodes on it posted in 2012 by TheExecutive, but it appears to be dead.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


[#] Fri Feb 18 2022 03:54:18 UTC from rss <>

Subject: Gene Lees book WANTED

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Hi Pirates,
I’m looking for this Gene Lees book: The Modern Rhyming Dictionar
Greatly appreciate help on getting this – THANK YOU !!!!!


[#] Fri Feb 18 2022 03:51:34 UTC from rss <>

Subject: Andy Razaf book WANTED

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Hi Pirates,
I’m looking for this book about Andy Razaf: Black and Blue - The Life and Lyrics of Andy Razaf by Barry Singer
Many thanks if anyone can get this !!!!!


[#] Fri Feb 18 2022 10:33:17 UTC from rss <>

Subject: piratebay account

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hello , after years of browsing and using the piratebay i wanted to download thomas sowell audiobooks and i came upon an highly stupid comment, this prompted me after years to try and register an account where i was met with 404 error mesage . After that i read on reddit that this function has been disabled for some time now . Thus my question is si there any way i can get a piratebay account is it locked permanently is there any plan in the future ? does it work like other places with invite only ? Any information on the topic is appreciated thank you . // EDIT: i found this after writing my thread i hope i will be spared ridicule in the void but the last message there was 2019 ? so is it true that there is no new information regarding this topic since then ?


[#] Fri Feb 18 2022 22:30:12 UTC from rss <>

Subject: (Requesting) Highlander

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Looking for the Mike, Bill and Kevin riff of Highlander from 2011. Was unable to find it anywhere. Thanks.


[#] Sat Feb 19 2022 09:23:40 UTC from rss <>

Subject: nadia white clips4sale

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Hello friends

Anyone has this?

I would be glad if somepne can share this. Also other vids of her clips4sale vids


[#] Sat Feb 19 2022 18:07:37 UTC from rss <>

Subject: Android - Torrent - VPN

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Como faço para criar um torrent e lançá-lo em um tracker público ?



[#] Sat Feb 19 2022 18:29:54 UTC from rss <>

Subject: Embraer Legacy 650 by X-Crafts

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[#] Sat Feb 19 2022 20:04:44 UTC from rss <>

Subject: REQ

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[#] Sat Feb 19 2022 20:10:11 UTC from rss <>

Subject: LFLB Chambery Aix-les-Bains Airport

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[#] Sun Feb 20 2022 13:25:05 UTC from rss <>

Subject: Hex editing a nes console emulator save file

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Specifically this-

keep in mind there are two save game slots used in game (S is the one I'm using and there almcgc) not sure which one it's looking at, the gold values for each  all 4 characters  in for almcgc are





for S they are





the max gold a character can carry is 9999
Should I try to find these values in HEX in the save file?

When I open the .sav file for the game my value for 00000130  with HxD is 2F 02 (see the attached screen shot hexedit 130) turned around that 2F20, which is 12032 in decimal, that doesn't make sense, gold can't even go that high on a character.

.jpg   uoesavefiles.jpg (Size: 42.27 KB / Downloads: 1)

.jpg   hexedit130.jpg (Size: 100.81 KB / Downloads: 1)


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