Buy your onion domain name

Why ?

- If you don't have time, knowledge or GPU power to build your own .onion domain name
- To avoid someone or hackers to take the name you want !
- You can increase your position in search engine results
- Prices are cheap --> Only $4.99 !

Is this legit ?

Of course it is ! Onion domain names are for everyone !
For this purpose we have generated hundreds of thousands of onion domains with their unique private key.
The owner is only you and you can keep this name forever because there is no renewal and Tor Network will never disappear !

Upon the invoice payment, we will provide you all the needed technical information and the keys will be irrevokably erased on our records.

Remember that onion domain names will be assigned on a first come, first served basis !


Onion name

฿0.00044 ($4.99) / name
  • Unique name & private key

Custom onion

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  • Unique name & private key