Ukrainian Data Network

Virtual Machines, also known as Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Full virtualization with QEMU and KVM.

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V1 V2 V3 V4
vCPU 1 2 3 4
RAM 512 MiB 1 GiB 2 GiB 4 GiB
Storage SSD 40 GiB SSD 60 GiB SSD 80 GiB SSD 100 GiB
Bandwidth 1 Gbit/s 1 Gbit/s 1 Gbit/s 1 Gbit/s
Price /month US $6 US $9 US $18 US $36

All options are customizable.
Fault tolerance: full disk mirroring.

OS Any (amd64/i386).
Out-of-band Spice and VNC.
IP 1 IPv4 and 1 IPv6 by default. Free IPv6 routed subnet on demand. Additional IPv4, US $4/mo.
Bandwidth Fair Usage. Premium bandwidth on request.
BGP Yes.
Jumbo Frames Yes, up to 9000 bytes.