Flash Music Video Clips

Finaly, all my video clips are converted with ffmpeg to flash movies. Unfortunately, I have to use the old flv codec because of the patents etc.... bla But to compensate that the bitrate is a bit higher to get the same quality.

The idea is that I want to stream music video clips. I like to listing to music, and some video clips are awesome... So now I can watch them over and over :). Also at work.

When you go the pagem you get a list of songs. Using the search bar you can do some searching for particular songs. The search starts after you have typed three letters. You will notice a small green blinking icon.... :P

By clicking on the thumbnail in the center, that song will be played. But using the both arrows left and right on the page or your mouse scroll wheel, you can scroll through the list.

You can also skip through the complete song without downloading it. This done with lighttpd web deamon. It is running on port 81, so when you get now music, look at your firewall.

This has been replaced by the Wowza Media Server Pro. And goes through RTMP. This can be blocked at your (corperate) firewall.

For now, have fun watching the music clips.

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