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Warning: Do NOT buy from another Vendor, before trying our Service FIRST!

What are stolen Cards?

When we talk about stolen cards, we do NOT mean physically stolen cards. We speak of stolen data. There are different ways of getting such data.


Skimming is when a small electronic device is used to copy and store credit card information. Skimmed information can be used to produce a counterfeit card — for instance, it may be loaded onto a prepaid card.

Skimming happens a few different ways. It could occur when the credit card is removed from the owners possession, like at restaurants when the card is hand over to pay the check. It may also happen via a skimmer attached to a third-party card reader, like those on pumps at the gas station or on ATMs.


Phishing is a scam to get personal information — like Social Security numbers, account numbers or card numbers — from consumers. It can occur via email, phone, text or snail mail.

Phishers gain the victims trust by using familiar logos and company names to represent themselves, or scaring the victim into believing that their personal information is already compromised, and that you need to provide information immediately for damage control.


Spyware is software designed to collect information without the victim’s knowledge or consent. It can collect personal data like credit card and banking information, as well as user logins from the computers it’s installed on.

Here’s how using our Service is on a complete other Level and how it will help you avoid costly mistakes and shortcut your way to starting a successful money making machine...

We DON’T make use of any of those techniques mentioned before. WE ARE INSIDERS. Now you can think what you want, but we are making profit of our situation. We are a small Team with Administrators, Technicians, Developer and Engineers acting within a huge international company with access to dozens of clients databases. THESE DATABASES CONTAIN MILLIONS OF USER PAYMENT DATA.

So we don’t need to collect them first or buy them in bulk from other marketplaces. We are taking them from the source in a nearly unlimited amount.

  • You have access to INTERNATIONAL data
  • You can buy at anytime from anywhere - NEVER out of stock
  • You DON’T risk your ass getting caught using DIRTY cards
  • You will always use CLEAN information - no reselled data
  • You will make HUGE PROFITS - we are selling for a fraction of it value
  • And much more...

Who should buy our Cards today?

Students Freelancer Local Business Owner Low Earner Criminals Single Parents Re-Seller And everyone who wants to make easy money

It’s your first time making money online? Our Service is straight forward and user-friendly. Every order comes with a „How To“-Guide about easy and safe ways to cash out.

You are an experienced criminal? Welcome to our service! You found the last Card vendor you ever need. No more exit scams or „out of stock“ messages. No need to waste time to find new vendors and buying small amounts because you need to build trust first. We are here to stay.

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PlasticSharks are the only Credit Card Vendors you ever need again.

STOP wasting your money on shady vendors and RISKING yourself for getting caught and sentenced to prison.

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Be on the safe side

All our data is clean. You will be the first and only one to use this information.

Every order comes with a Guide about how to cash out safe and fast.

There is absolutely no chance of getting caught by using our cards.

You can use them at any ATM worldwide.


Buy when ever you want

You have access to an unlimited amount of cards. We are never out of stock.

Additionally, we automated this Shop.

No need to wait for responses. Your payed order get automatically add to our daily shipments.


Multiply your earnings

You are short for the rest of the month? No problem, our customers can easily 5x their investment.

Our cards are also so cheap that you can easily resell them.

Buy in bulk or become a PlasticShark Member and get even more discounts.


Get it everywhere

We ship internationally.

You will receive your order anywhere you want.

Digital products get send immediately after the system registered your payment.


Keep your privacy

Your information gets deleted after we shipped your order.

Additionally, we provide PGP encryption for sensitive information.


Avoid costly mistakes

Every order comes with an easy instruction.

You get a step-for-step guide on how to cash out fast and safe.

We never lost a customer.


Go safe

We can fully understand if you don’t trust us at all, because we are still an .Onion service.

You can handle your transaction via an ESCROW service.


Be satisfied

Try our service completely Risk-Free.

See for yourself how our service works and what it can do for you.

If for any reason whatsoever you’re not happy, contact us for a full refund, no questions asked.


Ask us everything

We try to cover everything on our website, but in case your question don’t get answered, please feel free to contact us.

We are glad to help.

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You’ll love our Service, but don’t just take our word for it… Here’s what some of our Customers had to say about PlasticSharks…

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Too good to be true?

We can fully understand your skepticism, but give us the chance to explain ourselves.

Why don’t you use the cards by your own?

That might be the first question which comes to mind. We have access to an unlimited amount of payment data. The dumbest thing we could do is using these accounts by ourselves. We are a group of five individuals. Making 10k/month for everyone would mean cashing out 50k per month.

IF we would cash out 50k/month on a regular basis, then there is a high activity in a tiny area. This will lead to an investigation and later compromise our identity. We are bind to the location where we are living and working. Yes, you read it right, we are still employed. The main goal is accumulating as much Bitcoin as possible for the next years and leaving the company we are still working for WHILE staying anonym and safe. We are just some regular nerds.

Why are you selling so low?

Honesty the data is worthless for us. Like explained we can’t use them. Only the demand gives it its value. And the Darknet is the perfect place to sell it.

The best way to reach our goal is to make as many people satisfied as possible. We have almost no effort running this business. The process on the website is automated and the daily shipments are handled by a deck company. Additionally we are an organized team. Email communication get handled in our daily business. Our database get updated on a regular basis and the prepared cards are safely stored.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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