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BBC News - Newsnight - Ballet's Sergei Polunin: 'The artist in me was dying'Sergei Polunin, the youngest dancer ever to be made a principal with the Royal Ballet, speaks to BBC Newsnight about his unexpected decision to quit, a move which shocked the dance world.
Daze Aghaji | The New York Times Climate Forward LondonDaze Aghaji is a 21-year-old climate justice activist from London who focuses on regenerative cultures, intersectionality, radical social justice and youth political engagement in her work. In 2019, she was the youngest candidate to stand in the European Parliamentary election. Described by The Guardian as “a ball of energy, conviction and warmth,” her advocacy for racial systemic change has led her to work with many leading charities,...
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Show more Anna Shechtman began writing crossword puzzles as a teenager - but developed an eating disorder around the same time. She became one of the youngest crossword creators to publish a puzzle in the New York Times newspaper and now writes crosswords for the New Yorker magazine, but during her recovery she sometimes feared that her illness and her love of creating crosswords were inextricably linked.
Four months after they reconnected, they got married How we met: ‘I found her on Facebook after 40 years and it felt like coming home’ More Love & sex Most viewed Most viewed Most viewed in lifestyle Most viewed Across the guardian How we met: ‘We got chatting at a comic-book convention and it turned into a naughty weekend’ How we met: ‘We got chatting at a comic-book convention and it turned into a naughty weekend’ A new start after 60: At 70 I went camping for the first time – and stopped cocooning...
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