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Questionnaire which aims at developing a self-help program intended for people who are worried about their sexual interest, thoughts, feelings or actions concerning children.
Nehmen Sie sich bitte ein paar Minuten Zeit für diese Umfrage. Ihr Ziel ist es, ein Selbsthilfeprogramm zu entwickeln für Menschen, die Darstellungen des sexuellen Kindesmissbrauchs (CSAM) oder illegale Gewaltdarstellungen anschauen: ReDirection.
Tómese algunos minutos para responder este cuestionario que busca desarrollar un programa de auto-ayuda para personas que usan material de abuso sexual de niñas, niños y adolescentes o material ilegal violento.
Prenditi alcuni minuti per rispondere a questo questionario, il cui scopo è sviluppare un programma di auto-aiuto di ReDirection per persone che utilizzano materiale abusivo su bambini o materiale illegale e violento.
Уделите несколько минут заполнению этой анкеты, цель которой - разработать программу самопомощи ReDirection для людей, использующих материалы с сексуальным насилием над детьми или противозаконные материалы, изображающие сцены насилия.
Tämän kyselyn tuloksia hyödynnetään uuden ReDirection omahoito-ohjelman kehittämiseen henkilöille, jotka haluavat lopettaa lapsiin kohdistuvaa seksuaaliväkivaltaa tai muuta väkivaltaa sisältävän laittoman kuvamateriaalin käytön.
Leidke mõni minut, et vastata küsimustikule, mille eesmärk on välja töötada ReDirectioni eneseabi programm inimestele, kes kasutavad laste seksuaalse väärkohtlemise materjali (child sexual abuse material-CSAM) või ebaseaduslikku vägivaldset materjali.
I don't need any help. Would you like to tell us the reason for this?
Self-help program is primarily intended for people who are worried about their sexual interest, thoughts, feelings or actions concerning children.
ReDirection self-help program for people who are worried about their use of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)!
What is it all about when my sexual interest is directed towards children considerably younger than myself?
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I live in Los Angeles, have a great dog named Jack, and I like pi ñ a coladas. (And gettin ’ caught in the rain.) … or something like this: The XYZ Doohickey Company was founded in 1971, and has been providing quality doohickeys to the public ever since. Located in Gotham City, XYZ employs over 2,000 people and does all kinds of awesome things for the Gotham community.
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#421 Anonymous @fchan.xyz 09/02/21(Thu)16:23:13 + [report] > > 422 > > 420 i guess so, it was running fchan for a while #422 Anonymous @fchan.xyz 10/14/21(Thu)03:48:57 + [report] > > 420 brought it back up for the 1 year anniversary > > 421 that ' s bbs.killthepresident.club , took it down because I got sick of getting CP / nazi shit uploaded to my server with no easy way of shutting it down. #423 Anonymous @fchan.xyz 10/14/21(Thu)22:44:12 + [report] > > 424 > >...
If they do reveal they ' ve compromised XYZ encryption just to bust you because you ' re that big of fish well then shit man I think you ' re fucked. Maybe... It ' s important to note that cryptography analysts and cryptography experts would be alerting the public by posting on FB , Twitter , and going to the media if XYZ encryption is broken or backdoored because it sure as fuck won ' t be you who discovers this.
How do I cancel my service? Do you allow Bittorrent? Are you blocking port XYZ? Do you allow bit btSync? Does the service work world-wide? Where can I use the VPN? You can use our VPN service from anywhere in the world.
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Anyway... http://jakesthoughts.geek is officially a website! (I serve the same files as my .xyz tld, you are not missing much). You might want to keep this topic in mind (OpenNIC, the tlds, etc) when ICANN mafia decides that they are arbiters of justice and must start yoinking domains left and right (you don't want little Timmy being exposed to unauthorized anime, do you?
Loss of the subreddits effectively meant that a.) drug users would no longer know where to find XYZ substance and b.) they would be unable to report whether or not a vendor's substance was the substance advertised. Given that they existed on the clearnet, primarily, the entire landscape shifted constantly.
File usage The following 94 pages use this file: Hogar Social Madrid Автодоринжиниринг (Сызрань) Анри де Лескен Антон Грауэль Выгребная яма Ганс Цёберляйн Додинастический Египет Женщины политики России (список) Жорж Ваше де Лапуж Зыбь Клуб часов Конституционно-Монархический Союз Легитимно-Монархический Совет Леопольдо Метликовиц Международная комиссия по освещению 1931 XYZ Многокомпонентная теория цветного зрения Национальная организация русских разведчиков Национальная организация русских...
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블록체인챈 [ Catalog ] [ Manage ] Style Futaba Burichan 블록체인챈 Name Subject Message Password (for post and file deletion) 재벌집 막내아들 웹툰, 웹소설 Anonymous 23/01/06(Fri)00:52:12 No. 63 [ Reply ] 재벌집 막내아들 웹툰, 웹소설 웹툰 https://newtoki169.com/webtoon/23987559 웹소설 https://agit542.xyz/novel/list/3813 Anonymous 22/12/27(Tue)12:50:04 No. 6 [ Reply ] 그래서 야동 어딨슴 ¨ Anonymous 22/12/28(Wed)09:29:55 No. 20 니가 올려라 ¨ Anonymous 23/01/06(Fri)00:44:24 No. 62 카멜레온 위키...
Этот дескриптор затем загружается в распределенную хэш-таблицу , где он может быть найден пользователями, запрашивающими адрес XYZ. onion , где XYZ - доменное имя длиною 56 символов, сгенерированное из открытого ключа сервиса. После завершения данного этапа скрытый сервис готов к работе Домен .onion , которым оканчиваются все имена скрытых сервисов, доступен только через TOR сеть.
There is still an attack vector that would affect both DRAC and secushare: What if someone writes a plugin for our social tool that makes it super comfortable to integrate with XYZ, for example, and a majority of our friends installs it on their machines. Unfortunately that thing is only available as a binary executable and contains a backdoor for n-2 attacks. 2 being you and me who have secrets to exchange and n-2 being everybody else.
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