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new thread? How do I reply to a thread? How do I reply to another poster? Are there any global rules regarding content? How do I format my text? What is sage? What is a tripcode? What is Alacrity? A thread has been deleted but I'm still able to open it. Why is this? A thread 404'd out of nowhere, but it is not
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address. 59 * 60 * @param address[in] Target address 61 * @returns The value `*address`. 62 */ 63 #define SECURE_READ(address) \ 64 uvisor_read(main, UVISOR_RGW_SHARED, address, UVISOR_RGW_OP_READ, 0xFFFFFFFFUL) 65 66 /** Get the selected bits at the target address. 67 * 68 * @param address[in] Target address 69 *