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Unknown (reboot) Unknown (reboot)'s status on Thursday, 28-Mar-2019 22:57:35 UTC Unknown The most powerful trump card in power is to make the population believe that they have everything under control. about 6 months ago from web permalink Unknown started following society . about 6 months ago from activity permalink
DATA I forgot to mention above when talking about metadata, that when it comes to photos, there is another risk involved called EXIF data, this is another form of meta data specifically related to images and may not be properly removed by Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit mentioned before. EXIF data stands for
about what all those numbers and letters at the end of ROM names mean. Most Common Codes Found In Rom Filenames Here's a good reference list I had saved to my hard drive about what all those numbers and letters at the end of ROM names mean. Fairly hard to find this information anywhere oddly enough. Most Common Codes
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data is sent through the machines of three other Tribler users. Increasing the number of hops benefits anonymity but costs you more bandwidth tokens. + + For example, if you download a '''1 Gigabyte''' video with one hop anonymity, you pay '''1 Gigabyte''' worth of bandwidth tokens. Each additional hop increases the
about teenagers having too much sex. (What is not true for most teanagers, but only for some of them) Hungary : Pornography under the age of 18 is illegal. According to law, sexual acts are considered legal beyond 14. In practice, people are quite conservative here, most of them still judges sexual acts inappropriate
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data). Pornography Laws Around the World Most countries have some degree of legislation against child pornography and pornography in general, but this varies greatly. Country Policy Debrief Brazil All Pornography is forbidden to persons younger than 18 years of age. Age of consent is 14 years. Any kind of sexual act
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about it. Print it out and hand it to someone on the street even. It ' s looking like the only way we ' re going to get people to think about the truth is if we actually shove it in their faces. It isn ' t likely that there will be any activism in the future unless essays and articles like this are made public
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