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torture spanking & whipping watersport (snuff implied) The Boy and the Men Jason (7yo) with Tim, Kevin and Gus (all 20-30yo) Disclaimer This story is the complete and total product of the author's imagination and a work of fantasy, thus it is completely
real.� �What do you mean he wasn�t really real?� �Just what I said. He didn�t really ever exist, you know? He wasn�t ever really here-he just existed in his own little world. I helped him out of his lousy world. Do you know he contracted AIDS just last
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real commanders. One of the real commanders was dead, having been strangled at the stake by Unk. The strangled man had been Private Stony Stevenson, f ormer real commander of a British attack unit. Stony had become so fascinated by Unk's struggles to
torture (We do NOT condone any of these actions in real-life, let that be clear!), BUT: Absolutely NO snuff! (Anything involving the murder of one or more characters for sexual pleasure or fun will never be published on PZA!) Only limited bestiality (We
tortured in European dungeons. In the late 17th and early 18th centuries, they fled the dungeons for the New World - on fire - with the cause of freedom and equality. They helped found Penn's Colony, waged a centuries-long, political struggle against
real-life terror of living in suburban America. Skip To Content BuzzFeed News Reporting To You Menu Icon In “Get Out,” Racism Is The Horror Story Black People Try To Survive Twitter Facebook Copy BuzzFeed News Logo Close Sections 🍿 Arts & Entertainment 📚
Real NSA Whistleblowing [chan] general Dec 29 02:37 [raw] WWDD: On Real NSA Whistleblowing July 2, 2013 https://20committee.com/2013/07/02/wwdd-on-real-nsa-whistleblowing/ In recent weeks, as the saga of Ed Snowden has become a global sensation, we’ve
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real people, but digital ones, and second, because the immersive nature of the medium allows researchers to measure something closer to natural behavior. The vault itself is a small room with screens on all sides, on to which are projected animations of
torture . Similarly, "meat" is used to convey the idea that non-human animal flesh is somehow conceptually different, and therefore ok to eat. I'm a bit surprised by the reactions to this because I've seen quite a few threads here calling out ableist