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l'articolo Why there are so many Debian derivatives scritto da Stefano Zacchiaroli. Why isn't Tails based on Ubuntu? First, see the answer to the previous question . The rapid development cycle of Ubuntu would be too fast for Tails. Ubuntu aggiunge funzioni che troviamo pericolose per la privacy. Ad esempio, Ubuntu
-l ./ pwd REBUILD_SERVERS sudo cat /etc/machine-id ls -l ./ pwd $ gotun --job fedora Starts a new Tunir Job. Server ID: e0d7b55a-f066-4ff8-923c-582f3c9be29b Let us wait for the server to be in running state. Time to assign a floating pointip. Polling for a successful ssh connection. Polling for a successful ssh
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_l " . Funkcje z przyrostkiem " _l " różnią się wyłącznie tym, że używają obiekt locale locale , zamiast ustawień bieżących. isalnum () sprawdza, czy znak jest alfanumeryczny; jest to równoważne (isalpha( c ) || isdigit( c )) . isalpha () sprawdza, czy znak jest alfabetyczny; w standardowych ustawieniach regionalnych
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L�nyeg a l�nyeg, ne keveredj olyasvalamibe, amihez nem �rtesz, nem volt�l ott, mert droidd� v�lsz.. �dv MH 59 Szentgy�rgyi Dezs õ Rep�l õ b�zis Kecskem�t PUMA �gy tizenk�t �ve olvasok szakmai f�rumokat, valamivel r�gebben, ami�ta a Gripen vs F-16 vita l�tezik. Ide �rtend õ ek a Top Gun �s Aranysas magazinok, a Magyar
topic I was gonna write about today, but then I was looking at Quora earlier, and it reminded me of something much more interesting from a while back. So I tend to try learn about the beliefs of people I don't agree with, especially if their beliefs don't physically hurt anyone. As I think I've said before, It's
topics at BlackHat Asia Singapore (2018), AppSec USA, Orlando (2017), c0c0n X, Kerala (2017), CodeBlue, Tokyo (2017), and Null meets (2015, 2016, 2017) His technical interests lie in using static program analysis techniques to mitigate security and performance issues on mobile/web apps, breaking web/mobile apps, and
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l ' anonymat ? " . L ' anonymat, comme je l ' ai dit plus haut, n ' est pas sensé exister, un animal se fiche bien du terme " anonymat " , un être chassé lui cherchera à se cacher, éviter le chasseur, un chasseur ne cherchera rien d ' autre qu ' à trouver le chassé. Si dans le monde animal l ' anonymat n ' existe pas,
l’Egrégore Emissions de l ’ Egrégore Travail - Syndicalisme Publié le Novembre 2016 L ’ Egrégore du 14/11 : Retour sur le procès des ex salariés de Goodyear Ils demandent leur relaxe devant la cour d’appel d’Amiens, après avoir été condamnés, le 12 janvier 2016 par le tribunal correctionnel, à deux ans de prison dont
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