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The high is very fast acting and heavy-hitting and might be too disorienting for some, but for seasoned tokers, this is the perfect strain. The classic fragrance and flavour of Durban Poison is defined by sweet, licorice-like notes that are accentuated by pungent earthier tones. Durban Poison 3LB quantity Quantity Add to cart BUY NOW Add to wishlist Compare Add to wishlist Compare Category: Marijuana Strains Description Reviews (0) Durban Poison Strain...
Durban Poison 100g – The Pot Shop Url : ok3jewlqm4pwskskcupntze76ytgjuwsvtvfm44ztvf4mwb6chmiciqd.onion 0 - $ 0 menu Home Shop Top 10 My Account Checkout Cart FAQ Contact Us Home / Cannabis / Weed / Durban Poison 100g Durban Poison 100g $ 99.95 This spooky strain has truly mind-altering effects. 
Naturella - Strain Guide: Durban Poison Discover Nature's Psychoactive Wonders Cannabis Mushrooms Misc Magic Strain Guide: Durban Poison Durban Poison Biscuit of the day ; Durban Poison In a world full of hybrids, Durban Poison stands out by its status are a pure 100% sativa.
As I inspected each new batch, making my selections, a pipe was loaded with freshly picked Durban Poison and my guide and the young man and I smoked, passing the pipe around. Characteristically, I felt almost no effect from the Durban Poison.
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Heavy Hitters is made with 100% cannabis native terpenes and contains up to 95% THC. With its extremely potent Sativa effects, Durban Poison is the quintessential Wake n Bake strain. Youll feel energetic, creative, and happy all while enjoying a medley of herbal and citrus flavors.
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The Durban Dream Strain Predominantly Affects The Mind Cannabis connoisseurs everywhere know how much Durban Poison leaves a lasting effect on your mind, as it tends to hit you like not many other Sativa strains will. A complete head rush on the inhale, the strain is known to separate body and mind, while combating stress and anxiety in patients.
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