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slave that my dad is trying to resell. S3 slaves are slaves who are enslaved for a period of time by court order. It is like a prison sentence except there are no prisons, so the convict is made a slave instead. The court may also order other punishments so some S3 slaves may be castrated, branded or otherwise
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slave tonight?" "Yes." Silence. "I'll be your slave." There. I had said it. It was out in the world, and someone had heard it. I was not what people thought me to be - a smart, well-educated, independent, free woman. Instead, I was something else - a naked slave girl asking for the collar of a master. I felt the
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cheap energy from tachyons led to the creation of Jump Hole technology and faster than light travel to the stars. In two hundred years, humanity had colonized over seven hundred planets in a volume five hundred light years in radius. Humankind enjoyed the benefits of the end of wars and disbanded its standing armies.
cheap and reinforce misconceptions about sexual violence and objectification of women. "One of the reasons that creators of media like to include rape in their work is specifically because it elicits strong feelings, even when divorced from all context and consequences," she explains. "Think of it as a recipe for
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slaves. This class was even below male slaves. Even male slaves could buy pornia cheaply, and in public discourse these women were seen as " cheap whores " (with all the insulting nature of the word " whore " intact), despite being victims of a vicious sex slave system. These women were often those taken as captives
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