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and kiss him and talk to him. I don‘t know if he hears me or not. I just hope he does because then he will know how much I love him. It was April 14. Lionel‘s mom came to the hospital about 4 PM as usual and I left to go home to sleep for a while. About 9 PM my mommy woke me with a message that Lionel had just passed
and getting married by a ship‘s captain. And besides, the tickets I bought are nonrefundable.“ Jack responded, “I don‘t know about the romantic part and the getting married part, but I could be your companion for the cruise.“ Sara‘s face lit up and she gave him another big hug. “Jack that would make me so happy. And I
and put them under the tree then everyone headed off to their bedrooms. It was going to be a big day tomorrow. Tomorrow would be Christmas day. The way the bedrooms were located had me in the far room with Candie beside me and Lionel had the far room across the hall. There was a door joining my room and Candie‘s. I
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