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rip it out Some people don't run 'BadExit' because there is no way to abstain from voting on a particular relay. You either vote yes or no. But it's not clear that being able to Abstain actually works well. Some people want to run a DirAuth to set policy, others to provide robustness Setting policy is a disgareement
RIP Last edited by bokdefied (2019-11-22 13:30) #2 2019-11-22 14:10 Psychedaddy Moderator Registered: 2019-04-01 Posts: 214 Re: whats up with nz_domestic... Meth Vendor. #3 2019-11-22 15:20 kb1216 Member Registered: 2019-11-22 Posts: 1 Re: whats up with nz_domestic... Same here.. im not waiting 10 fucking days... im
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