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200 refugees in Cumbria now and we have taken in six families and more will be coming." Mr Archibald, who heads the ruling Liberal Democrat group, said: “I understand that pretty well all of these
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Camp Kilmer. About 32,000 of the refugees had been dispersed to various parts of the country, and those remaining are being shuttled through the St. George Hotel in Brooklyn. Lest the cursory nature of
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Thousands are asking Trump to let white South Africans come to U.S. as refugees, after vote to force them off land Jump to main content Jump to sidebar Raddle Forums Wiki Log in Sign up ← Return to
, pilgrim.jpg ) /newbrit/politics Thread #710: The Real Refugees Edition 22st !!NeoZrCFdCs 07/14/19 (Sun) 06:07:52 b9a407 No. 447040 [View All] Also no links edition 691 posts and 225 image replies omitted. Click
The Space Force lol To fight Aliens ;) moon base mars largopresident trump establishes a space force to defend against alien invasion Please note that if you are under 18, you won't be able to
How China Creates Cancer Refugees - Video - NYTimes.comA rural resident in China is 30 percent more likely to die after a cancer diagnosis than an urban resident. Three rural families trying to beat
a software program they had designed that uses AI to find the best match for a refugee's needs, including access to jobs, medical facilities, schools, and nearby migrants who speak the same language
Russian Air Force bombed it this year. In May, Russian jets dropped four precision bombs on the very same facility, a previous Times investigation found. Kafr Nabl Surgical is a well-known hospital and in
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