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Sur le bannissement par FB de pages anarchistes et antifascistes et la censure digitale qui vient - Marseille Infos AutonomesAujourd'hui Facebook a supprimé différentes pages de Qanon et de milices
articles. That being said, there is still a significant amount of people who support Trump, a lot of them are in the Qanon "conspiracy" community. If you look into Qanon you can see that a lot of what they
been caught up in the biggest trial of Nazis since Nuremberg,... theguardian.com 26 223 476 Daniel Trilling retweeted Niamh McIntyre @niamh_mcintyre Sep 18 I looked into how QAnon went viral on UK
far-right online community has an established record of propagating hatred, and it has also produced two extremely bizarre and extremely successful pro-Trump conspiracy theories: Pizzagate and QAnon
Notes Nanochan Nanochan online Doesn't use JS! I like the community. Endchan Endchan online Uses JS. Not as based as Nano. Usable alternative to 8ch (rip, atleast until the 5th). Lot's of QAnon research
KimCoppolaAficionado reacted to GreenJacket's post in the thread Infected Q-anon community: r/CBTS_Stream, /cbts/, /thestorm/, etc with Dumb . I get that Qanon is a diversion and incites boomers, typically being of the
submissions /f/ RambleCoin RambleCoinTalk! RambleCoin official /f/orum 2 subscribers No submissions /f/ lgbtqanon Screw the Q! A collection of people that really hate QAnon. The name is derived from their hate
Bill Gates was also somehow responsible. On January 21st, QAnon YouTuber and professional shit-strirrer Jordan Sather tweeted a link to a patent for coronavirus filed by the U.K.-based Pirbright
515 Views Last post by Guest Tue 13. Oct 2020, 10:20 Facebook to Ban All Groups, Content Related to QAnon Last post by Guest « Tue 13. Oct 2020, 10:03 by Guest » Fri 9. Oct 2020, 05:48 0 Replies 543
( 70 points) animal 0 like 0 dislike 0 answers Do homesexual dogs have gay rights? [poll] asked Aug 13, 2018 in Sex and relationships by Qanon N00b 101 ( 160 points) animal rights 0 like 3 dislike 2
wodinsky @swodinsky Dec 18 if you’re a reporter that gets paid to cover........ really anything (but esp topics like police brutality or qanon), you *need* to read this branded.substack.com/p/insid… Show
months ago 3.2K views 5:00 Escaping QAnon: How he left the virtual cult after two years CNN Business Shared 8 months ago 17K views 2:20 People are brewing fancier coffee at home. That ' s good for this
dette med steinbakt. Og hvorfor ville h-berg hypotetisk returnert for så og ikke exit scamme en gang til? Blir veldig som anklagene om @Mercure , Bigfoot og Qanon. Ingen beviser, bare påstander. posted in
) 14:36:22 No. 40954 It is probably this board’s Qanon. So far it has failed to gain traction, but as “it” learns our general sentiment it gets ever closer to doing what it was designed to do. Anonymous
? Anonymous wurde durch QAnon "zerstört", auftrags- und plangemäß, unsere Armee ist weg. Alle anderen im Clear-Web informieren? Man sieht ja, wie gut die flächendeckende Zensur solcher Informationen
자유를 보장한다는 이유로 이용자 콘텐츠를 제재하지 않아서 ‘큐어넌’(QAnon), ‘프라우드 보이스’(proud boys) 등 극우 단체와 백인 우월주의자들 사이에서 인기를 끌었다. 앞서 8일 트위터가 트럼프 대통령 계정을 영구정지 시킨 뒤 팔러는 트럼프 지지자들의 대안으로 떠오르면서 이용자가 가파르게 상승한 바 있다. ¨ Anonymous 21/01/12