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mushroom in the genus Psilocybe. The primary psychoactive components of this mushroom are psilocin and its prodrug, psilocybin, as well as norbaeocystin and baeocystin.[1] Psilocybe cubensis From PsychonautWiki Jump to: navigation , search Hunting psychoactive mushrooms in nature can be very dangerous. Caution is
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magic mushrooms. First let me tell you a bit of a back story. In my experience with LSD I found that you generally had to have at least a 1-2 week break in between tripping. This is of course at a minimum, ideally you'll want to wait at least a month in between trips or longer. I mean this is different for everyone,
magic, protector of the elvish ways and the elvish folk. And in Cormanthor, in this year 253, many elves were in need of protecting. Goblinkin were abundant, and even worse, the emotional turmoil within the city, the strife among the noble families -- the Starym included -- threatened to tear apart all that Coronal