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Candie feeling her warmth and wetness engulf his throbbing penis. She didn‘t know why, but her cunt muscles started to work early this time as he lay there. Finally, as if by mutual agreement, they began a slow, sensual rhythm. Neither of them was in a hurry this time. They wanted it to last as long as it could.
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Candie on the bed and stood up straight looking down at her. Her Baby Doll top was up well over her waist and her smooth preteen pussy was in plain view. Lionel could see it glistening in the light signifying that she was very wet. And she was. Lionel still had a raging hard on, and he had to lift his boxers over it
thread. This Story is from the archives of FAN CHA PHAW, publisher of “Private Dreams,“ and “Young, Hung & Promiscuous,“ and literature on the subjects of sexual liberation and anti-circumcision. This story may be distributed freely as long as the author and FAN CHA PHAW are credited. This story consists of minor boys
Candie drowned in another of her orgasms. She was exhausted now. Her legs dropped from around Lionel‘s waist and her arms dropped to her side. Her head felt dizzy and she almost fainted. She slowly closed her eyes and just laid there. Lionel didn‘t stop his steady penetration of her. He couldn‘t have even if he wanted
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Candie‘s cunt and Candie was beginning to get really wet. Bobby could see the glistening of her wetness as the light reflected off it. “I think it‘s time, Candie,“ Bobby said. “Let‘s all of us get on the bed now.“ Candie didn‘t need to be told twice. She was the first on the bed. Lionel lay on one side of her and
Candie thoroughly. Candie had fucked Brad last night so Sandie used her long fingers to clean the inside of her cunt as good as she could. She wanted to get as much of Brads cum out of there as possible. Then she took the hand held shower and put as much of it as she could right up close to Candies pussy and turned
Candy said, defiantly. She stood up, and after untieing the sash around her waist, pulled her robe from off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. I had to repress a gasp at what I saw. Candy stood there before me dressed in baby-doll pajamas made of the sheerest material possible. Her breasts filled out the
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thread, where did you get that?" "Sister Mouser gave it to me before we came over." "So Ed, you can cum to your hearts content unless she wants it in her ass or mouth. "Our mouth," Monica said, as the cock bottomed out."Oh, shit, oh blessed Jesus that is wonderful, I bet Jesus fucked like this, I bet God gave him a
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thread, where did you get that?" "Sister Mouser gave it to me before we came over." "So Ed, you can cum to your hearts content unless she wants it in her ass or mouth. "Our mouth," Monica said, as the cock bottomed out."Oh, shit, oh blessed Jesus that is wonderful, I bet Jesus
"Candy, are you suggesting...?" Candy dropped her hands to her lap and clasped them together. Looking me directly in the eyes, a serious expression on her face, she said, "Yes, that's EXACTLY what I'm suggesting. Daddy, I'm nineteen years old, and I'm still a virgin. I've wanted to have sex, wanted it desperately, but
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