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little scared there. That‘s all,“ she said. “Do you want me to be with you and Lionel? At first, anyway?“ Bobby asked her. He thought that might make her feel better. “I‘ll stay with you and help you if you want.“ “Ya. I think I‘d like that,“ Candie replied. “I won‘t be as scared then. Yes please, Bobby. Will you stay
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little voice “You‘re welcome, Lionel. It was my pleasure.“ We both laughed and he kissed me again passionately. He forced his tongue deep in my mouth and I sucked on it for all it‘s worth. We laid beside each other for about 15 minutes. He felt my breasts and sucked on them. We talked a bit. He told me this was his
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little“ he said. I gently pulled his cheeks apart and looked at his little pucker. I had fucked enough assholes to tell a fucked asshole when I saw one. I turned him to face me and asked, “Did your dad do things to you there?“ He hung his head and whispered “I‘m not supposed to tell anybody about that.“ “Well
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