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Candy...." "You think I'm not as pretty or desirable as Barbie, don't you? Well, you're wrong!" Candy said, defiantly. She stood up, and after untieing the sash around her waist, pulled her robe from off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. I had to repress a gasp
Candie was wiggling around on the bed. I knew that she was becoming excited. I got up and started to get undressed. I was down to just my panties when I said “I‘m going to have a shower. Want to join me?“ I was really hoping that she would say yes. She didn‘t disappoint me, and she followed me into the bathroom. I
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Candy put her hand over mine and patted it. "Oh, Daddy, you're so sweet, but we CAN'T talk about it now. After we get back home we will. Right now, I want you to dance with me. I haven't danced a step since we were here last, and you know how much I like to dance." Not even waiting for an answer, she stood up, my hand
Candy and I had done. Candy might be my daughter, but she was also a passionate woman with a large capacity for love. After forcing myself to think of other things, I got my erection down to a semi-hard and put on my robe and went back into the kitchen. Candy had breakfast on the table and we sat down and ate. Candy
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Candie in the middle. Candie was feeling better now after her hot bath. Her cunt wasn‘t as sore and she could walk better. She said it was still a little tender but not too bad. We made her tell us all over again everything about what she and Lionel did. We got so hot when she told us that all three of us started to
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doll. And just like the doll, she had long legs that just seemed to go on forever. They were both dressed stylishly in tight mini-skirts and form-fitting tops that left few secrets about the contours of their bodies. Candy was a beautiful girl, but Barbie was just about her equal. I couldn't help but wonder why Barbie
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setting. Her mind drifted to the man she was born for. She thought about submitting to him and obeying him for the rest of her life. She waded out of the pool and onto a patch of soft grass where she stretched out with her arms above her head in total abandon to let the sun dry her flushed skin. From the nearby bushes
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