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kissing and petting going on. Actually, to be honest, things were really heating up. Suddenly, Sandie came up to Lionel and me and grabbed Lionel‘s hand and pulled him away from me. She whispered something in his ear and they both ran upstairs to the bedroom. I was a little shocked and called after them, but all I got
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kissed her ear and cheek. It felt so good, her soft and warm skin next to mine and my lips tasting and sensing her. By now my cock was fully engorged and, pointed down, it was firmly between her ass cheeks. Through my cock, I could feel the valley between her cheeks. There was no way, I knew, she could not feel my
kissed him on the lips. Several times Jimmy had thought about fucking the little kid in his ass, but after looking at the small opening, he decided against it, He thought that he would hurt the kid, and that would mean trouble. He also kind of liked the little cock sucker, and didn‘t want to ruin the chances of
kissed him again. I could feel his smooth soft hands feel all over my back and down to my bum. I loved being touched by him. He was so tender and sensitive. I wanted him to touch me all over, but right now I just wanted him naked. “Get undressed, Lionel,“ I whispered in his ear and I stood up in front of him. Slowly
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kissing his forehead. “Let‘s get out now sweetheart, the water is getting cold.“ She held his hand as he stood up, giving her room to stand. She stepped out of the tub, her hanging tits swaying seductively. She helped Billy get out of the tub and grabbed a towel, drying him off. When he was dry, she gently patted his
kiss her, darting his tongue into her mouth and making her pussy melt with arousal. Joan returned her son‘s hot kiss with equal passion, snaking her tongue deep into his mouth. Eddie moaned into his mother‘s open lips and pressed his body against her, trembling with lust. Roy‘s hand was between her legs, eagerly
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kissing Paul's cheek. "I can feel it inside of me." Paul kissed his friend on the lips. "Oh man, I'm so tired now." "I've gotta go to the bathroom," Ricky said, untangling himself from the slick embrace and standing up. "Be right back." Jerry sat next to Paul on the couch. "Can we do that?" "No, I'm too tired, Jer."
kissed and kissed and kissed. Our hands explored each other‘s bodies. His cock was getting hard again and my pussy was getting wetter. Lionel fell with me on the bed and when he slipped between my legs I grabbed for his cock and guided it to my nest. No sooner was it there when he jammed into me so hard that it almost
"Kiss me again. I love the way you kiss." "I love your kisses, too," I said, and lowered my mouth to hers. This time we kissed gently, our tongues softly and slowly intertwining. My hand was still on her breast and I gently stroked her nipple, matching my hand caresses to our oral ones. She murmured a soft "Ummnnn"
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kissing his head. We laid there for almost 30 minutes just hugging and rubbing and kissing each other. Finally, Billy said, “Can we go swimming now?“ We laughed and started to get up. “Oh, Frank, Will you hand me a towel? You must have really been turned on, my pussy is full, I don‘t think you‘ve ever filled me like