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Paul. "Finger me Paul," Ricky moaned as Jerry resumed sucking. Paul wet his index finger and slid it fully into Ricky's ass. He fingerfucked his friend while his brother finished him off. "I'm gonna cum, Paul, gonna cum," Ricky hissed through gritted teeth. His hips bucked and came up off the edge of the couch.
Paul came in the room. "Paul, honey, get ready for bed and then come back in here, OK? I need to talk to you." "What about?" "Just get ready for bed and come back in here, OK?" "But it's not time for bed yet!" "Paul, honey, just do it, OK?" "OK." She didn't seem angry. Maybe he wasn't in trouble. Maybe Jerry didn't
Paul's butthole. Paul played with himself for a long time before putting his own underwear back on and going to sleep. Not long after that incident, Keith invited both boys to sleep over at his house. Keith lived in a huge house in the suburbs, and his bed was big enough for all three boys to sleep comfortably
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Paul. All I do know is we won't be watching a lot of TV.' 'Ha, Ha! No, Mum, I don't suppose we will. Fucking Hell, Mum, you make it all sound so easy.' 'That's because it is, Jo, as long as we're all up front and open about it, and we're not all fucking at the breakfast table, who cares?' 'Fair enough, and I already
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Paul awoke and quickly absorbed the scene in front of him. He caressed himself while he watched his mom suck his brother, then decided he wanted to do something completely new. As Paul moved behind his mother, she stopped sucking and murmured, "Oh, good morning, Paul ... what are you doing back there ... yes, that's a
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Paul came in the room. "Paul, honey, get ready for bed and then come back in here, OK? I need to talk to you." "What about?" "Just get ready for bed and come back in here, OK?" "But it's not time for bed yet!" "Paul, honey, just do it, OK?" "OK." She didn't seem angry. Maybe he wasn't in trouble. Maybe Jerry didn't
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Paul eased around his mother's nude body, careful not to touch her, then went to his room. Ann shut the bathroom door and locked it, then climbed in the bath and immediately masturbated to orgasm. I felt my son's erection, she thought. God help me, I felt my son's erection and it thrilled me. When Ricky arrived, Jerry
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Paul's. Paul went home, finished his homework, ate dinner and told his mom that Ricky was spending the night tonight. Ann said that was OK and asked if Jerry could sleep in the living room with the big boys. Before Paul could answer, Jerry started begging loudly for permission, and Paul just nodded and shrugged. Jerry