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and Keith laughed as Ricky pulled up his pants and left the tree fort as quickly as he could. They saw him through the window running up the yard to Keith's house. Keith turned to Paul. "Did you understand the homework for math class this weekend?" The boys discussed school until Ricky returned to the tree fort, but
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and Ricky to bed early that night and retired to their bedroom, closing the door but leaving the light on. "They're going to do it tonight," Ricky whispered. "We should try to watch." Paul already had a boner in anticipation of fooling around with Ricky, but this got him even more excited. They waited for half an hour
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and grandpa and would be driving back in the morning. “Sorry, I think I had a little too much to drink sweetie.“ Her mom Liz laughed as she stumbled a little. "Then I think you'd better take off the rest of your clothes, Walter. Now that we've begun, we'd better get these disgusting desires out of your system once and
and said, “This way Mr. and Mrs. Blake.“ Sara and Jack simply smiled at each other. Those thoughts were running though his head again. When they entered the suite they were impressed. Fresh flowers and a chilled bottle of champagne were on a small table. The porter offered to pop the cork on the champagne. Meanwhile