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IRC /set irc.ctcp.version "" /set irc.ctcp.ping "" /set irc.ctcp.finger "" /set irc.ctcp.time "" /set irc.ctcp.source "" /set irc.ctcp.userinfo "" /set irc.ctcp.clientinfo "" /set irc.ctcp.download "" /set irc.ctcp.action "" /set irc.ctcp.dcc "" # Esta parte adicionamos o servidor e nick do usuário /server add
IRC con cebolla Cifrando las comunicaciones en el IRC (I) 30 November, 2019 — irconion Si quisiéramos cifrar nuestras comunicaciones en el IRC contamos con varios añadidos para cada cliente IRC. Como existen infinidad de clientes IRC y yo no puedo abarcarlos todos, voy a mostrar 3 clientes y los distintos añadidos que
IRC channel (chat) with the client of your choice: #debconf on OFTC.net or use your browser with a webchat . Accommodation and Registration All questions and inquiries regarding either accommodation or registration should be directed to the Registration Team: Talks Questions and inquiries about talks and paper
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Channel 啦 🤦‍ ,虽然有个奇怪的名字, 还随便用 bot 糊了把 mastodon / Twitter 同步 😂 这 Channel 有啥特别之处? 😂 好像真没啥特别的(毕竟才建起来?) 硬塞一个特点的话就是 Writer 都是狼?😂 算了以后慢慢塑造好了…… 那么入口呢? 哇汝想来了啊 😋 勇气可嘉…… 如果有 Telegram 的话 : https://t.me/Project_Wolves 或者 Twitter : https://twitter.com/WolvesOfYoitsu Twitter 字数限制比 Mastodon 少啦~ 或者 Mastodon : https://sn.angry … 使用
irc: ogn5vbujhrvbihko.onion:6667 no use ssl, channel #ru там подскажут по настройкам. PGP #83 2016-11-26 18 ч. Scream участник </> b753d4594385 </> 2016-03-13 </> 2 Re: i2p KapJprDb пишет: Сегодня любители детского порно анонимности беснуются по поводу выхода в свет i2p browser. Поделие, пока только под windows,
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IRC channel and mailing list . New Debian Developers and Maintainers (September and October 2018) On Thu 08 November 2018 with tags project Written by Jean-Pierre Giraud Translations: ca es fr pt sv vi zh-CN The following contributors got their Debian Developer accounts in the last two months: Joseph Herlant
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channel irc ) – Torrent ( listing ) Publié dans Non classé | 3 commentaires NS 441 Publié le 10 décembre 2015 par Révolte On a jamais trop de HS. Jamais. Téléchargement : – XDCC (via notre channel irc ) – Torrent ( listing ) Publié dans Non classé | Laisser un commentaire NS 440 Publié le 3 décembre 2015 par Révolte
IRC #debcamp on irc.freenode.org was where the latest DebCamp gossib could be found! The channel was usually crowded during DebCamp opening hours, i.e 08:30-21:00 UTC+2. The webmasters $Id: irc.php,v 1.2 2003/07/20 18:11:14 peterk Exp $
channel #opjapan. I will be available for most time on the channel. If you have any question about our group, please don't hesitate to ask. I will be available to help and solve the problems as much as I can. Please be specific when you asking for the help. But first you must register and identify(log-in) your nick to
channel for our group in IRC so we can have conference there. I have made a forum for our group. Please register to join our forum and communicate with us. Please use regular web browser to access our forum, it does not works on Tor browser. We have so many good resources in our forum but only members and staff can
channel. My nick on channel is Last_Ninja and I will be there most of time to help you with your problems. But first you have to register your nick. To register you nick just type /msg nickserv register [password] [fake email] without brackets or parentheses and they will ask you to identify (log in) your nick in 2