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IRC Channel For Invites To Private Trackers ... Poll: This IRC Channel ... You do not have permission to vote in this poll. Exists... And I Will Never Tell You! 0% 0 0% Does Not Exist! Or Will Ever Exist! 33.33% 1 33.33% Exists! 33.33% 1 33.33% I Will PM You With The Secret Location! 33.33% 1 33.33% Total 3 vote(s)
IRC_USER="chch" IRC_CHANNEL="#chaoschemnitz" IRC_SERVER="irc.freenode.net" ON_MSG="licht an" OFF_MSG="licht aus" ############### # SYSTEM CONFIG # II_START_TIMEOUT=10 IRC_PREFIX=/var/irc PORT="port:000003F8" CAT=/bin/cat CUT=/usr/bin/cut TAIL=/usr/bin/tail GREP=/bin/grep ECHO=/bin/echo PS=/bin/ps SLEEP=/bin/sleep
IRC-Client. IRC bedeutet " Internet Relay Chat " . Um am IRC teilzunehmen braucht man immer ein extra Programm, den IRC-Client. + + In jedem IRC-Client gibt es ein Channel-Fenster und eine Eingabezeile. Alles was man in die Eingabezeile eintippt und mit einem Schrägstrich ( " / " ) anfängt ist ein Befehl der entweder
irc.fuwafuwa.moe fuwafuwa.moe's IRC server Main channel: #fuwafuwa Most active channel: #flexcake.moe Help channel: #help Connection info Normal Hostname: irc.fuwafuwa.moe Port: 6697 TLS: yes (called 'SSL' in some clients) SHA256 Fingerprint:
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irc on port 6667 channel is #stream this stream uses hls, basically webm injected via ajax, you will need to enable js and video or use torbrowser low security level.
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Scimus quae legis, et non dicimus
irc bonus, the longer u are logged into the irc the more free Upload we give you. Get to know the staff the users and become an active Member of the community. uploaded rules : we have a strict uploader rules, 1st of all users cant upload torrents, until they are accepted by staff. all uploaders must have really fast
IRC Channel Sms Server gateway ENIGM MACHINE SCRIPT BLACKHOST SHIRTS youtube downloader HOw secure is my pwd? SMS Script Onion Domain 1337 Encoder TOR MAILL WEBMAIL < SOURCE CODE VIEWER CMS UPDATE NEWS-->SHOW CODE-->ADD CODE!!!!! ZALGO TEXT GENERATOR Count characters in a string easter eggs programs: flooder,
channel. My nick on channel is Last_Ninja and I will be there most of time to help you with your problems. But first you have to register your nick. To register you nick just type /msg nickserv register [password] [fake email] without brackets or parentheses and they will ask you to identify (log in) your nick in 2
channel--a wiretapped phone line, for example, or skywriting, for that matter)--without ever having previously met to exchange cipher keys. With a thousand-dollar com- puter, you can create a cipher that a multi-megabuck CRAY X-MP can't crack in a year. Within a few years, it should be economically feasible to
IRC — Традиция IRC. «Традиция», свободная русская энциклопедия Другие названия: IRC-канал IRC Материал из свободной русской энциклопедии «Традиция» Перейти к: навигация , поиск Internet Relay Chat IRC Протокол Уровень: Прикладной Семейство: TCP/IP Создан: 1988 Порт: 194 ( TCP ), 6667 ( TCP ) Назначение: Доступ к чат
IRC Bouncer ECnet@IRC Categories Tron ' s Blog Ecnet IRC Bouncer Many IRC servers block tor or any other proxy ip. To this problem, we try to find a solution in order to make people able to connect this kind of irc servers also if they connect over tor. For free we are providing an IRC bouncer. An IRC bouncer is
irc.fuwafuwa.moe fuwafuwa.moe's IRC server Main channel: #fuwafuwa Most active channel: #flexcake.moe Help channel: #help Connection info Normal Hostname: irc.fuwafuwa.moe Port: 6697 TLS: yes (called 'SSL' in some clients) SHA256 Fingerprint:
channel with an emphasis on [[channel:cafe:drama|drama reduction]], [[channel:cafe:helpful|helping each other out]], and [[channel:cafe:liberties|permissive regulations]]. As such there are very few rules for users. All are designed to make the user experience better and remove the need for further rules. - Cussing is
IRC - Online-Hilfe anklicken oder einen IRC-Client deiner Wahl benutzen und irc://chat.eu.freenode.net/azureus-german besuchen. Folgende Fragen sind dort '''erlaubt''': *Fragen bezüglich Features von Azureus, die auf dieser Seite nicht erwähnt sind *Fragen zu den einzustellenden Werten, wenn der Upload des eigenen
(IRC Bot script): #!/usr/local/bin/php // Параметры IRC сервера $irc_server[ " ip " ]= ' XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX ' ; $irc_server[ " port " ]=6669; $irc_server[ " name " ]= ' irc.mine.net ' ; // Список каналов на которых будет присутствовать бот $channels[0]= " somechannel0 " ; $channels[1]= " somechannel1 " ; $channels[2]= "