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Data Bill. The first submission is an implementation briefing based on our work for the Big Brother Incorporated project, establishing the capabilities and defects of existing surveillance technologies. The second submission focuses on the the majority of the Joint Committee's 21 questions about the social and ethical
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data as CSV . Learn more about the CSV data format or how to reproduce the graph data. Related events The following events have been manually collected on this wiki page and might be related to the displayed graph. Dates Places/Protocols Description and Links 2017-01-15 to 2017-03-01 United Arab Emirates < OR > Relays
Data Protection Employees Data Protection Data Retention Law Hands off my travel data Censorship & Freedom of Information Protect Your Privacy School without Military Police & Intelligence Flight & Migration Explanations FAQs Anti-Surveillance Links Our Campaigns Drones Snowden discovers PRISM TTIP, TISA and CETA
Iran (link1, link2) With Plan X, Pentagon seeks to spread U.S. military might to cyberspace "Flame of the week" (link1, link2, link3, link4, link5, link6, link7) Patriot Act cloud study debunks idea that location can protect cloud data from government SCADA@Home: Your health is no secret no more! How Hackers Listened
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data collecting service. A wiki subsection for CollecTor mirror operators mirror operating wiki . ​ ExoneraTor helps to find out whether that address was used as a Tor relay. ​ Metrics the primary place to learn interesting facts about the Tor network. ​ metrics-lib a Java library that fetches and parses Tor
data from spying. This introductory playlist will help you discover how to assess your personal risk, protect Want a security starter pack? | Surveillance Self-Defense Skip to main content SSD.EFF.ORG About News Language English አማርኛ العربية Español Français Русский Türkçe Tiếng Việt Português ภาษาไทย اردو Index Enter
data... rc-file Loading commit data... .gitignore Loading commit data... README.md Loading commit data... README.md Gandalf es un script en bash que se puede usar en el inicio del sistema, copiandolo a los rc o init (depende la distribución de linux), este redefine según archivos de configuración y algunos servicios.
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Iran talks, caught some US lawmakers’ private talks – report]||[[NSA]] / [[IL]] |- |20150710||ft.com||[https://www.ft.com/content/69f150da-25b8-11e5-bd83-71cb60e8f08c Israel: Unit 8200: Israel’s cyber spy agency]||[[UNIT 8200]] / [[IL]] |-
data going across networks, Huawei is unlikely to only give this data to the five eyes governments... but making Huawei make their devices secure will lock out the five eyes governments too. It ' s not " they might spy " , it ' s " that ' s our job " 2 months ago | [YT] | 153 View 7 replies Anti-edge Lord TL;DR News: