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→‎iPhone and Android Level Security for Linux Desktop Distributions ) Line 175: Line 175: It is theoretically possible to provide the same iPhone / Android level security on the Linux Desktop too. Security technologies like hardened kernels or verified boot used by popular mobile operating systems could also be ported
locked out of your Paypal or bank accounts because of logins from foreign IPs. Online banking systems like PayPal regularly lock customers out of their accounts when they log in from foreign IP addresses. For example, let ’ s say you have a PayPal account in the US. When you log into that account from a foreign
iPhone that runs iOS 8 or newer … chances to unlock it are not good at all...With iOS 11 this problem becomes even more severe - even if the device under examination is not passcode-protected, the examiner will need the passcode anyway as it must be entered to confirm the trust between the device and your
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