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What it becomes is up to us. We recommend new users read this guide on how to use imageboards. And if you haven't, read inhabit . Be fair, be brave and be loyal to the Earth. - Jannies Posts shilling/promoting will be removed from /d/ — by Jannies at 12/14/20 (Mon) 06:46:49 Any posts on /d/ that promote content or are blatant ads will be removed.
anon.cafe Home Boards Overboard SFW Overboard Info Account Anon.cafe is a relaxing place for relaxed imageboards. Welcome home. [ Boards / Overboard / SFW Overboard / Emergency Shelter ] [ anon.cafe / anoncafe.co / Hidden Service ] /k/ - Easy Weapons!!!!!!
Among other things. Posting styles which are against the spirit of anonymous imageboards are not permitted. This means:Disruptive posts will be removed. If you are unsure about the board culture, lurk moar. Discretion will be utilized.
Seu cu é meu, perdeu 35 dólares pro cara menos confiável da história dos imageboards no Brasil, foi humilhado perante a userbase e ainda assim não consegue parar de vir aqui. Corninho manso, hue. Editado 10/30/2022, 17:08:54 por Escondido Respostas: > > 1183 ドワーフ 10/30/2022, 17:37:51 /#/ 1183 Esconder Filtrar Nome Denunciar/Moderar > > 1175 Sitcold não deixa barato para ninguém, uma vez eu tentei doar dinheiro para ele e ele recusou.
It's only after writing several unpublished articles on these topics that I remembered what a waste of time a lot of it is, and that I was merely escaping from my everyday life by writing on rage-inducing topics all the time. Forget it. Lain Webring I have been a browser of imageboards and murky-water forums since I was 13 years old, and 13 years later they are still my most visited corners of the web, other than popularvideohostingsite(dot)com of course.
Facebook | For Those Suffering Censorship, An Alt Facebook Link SuprBay | Forum About Pirating - Access to Downloadable Content NanoChan | Chat With Other People 8Chan | Imageboards and Interactions With Other Users *18+* EndChan | The Imageboard At The End Of The Universe. *18+* Chatrooms/Messengers MEGATor | Chatrooms About Dark Onions, Hacking and More NULL Message | Free Secure and Quick Communication Platform.
They stick out like a sore thumb because they keep posting child models and sucking off the usual tripfaggots, > most notably some dumbass named Patch who makes imageboards by the hour and uses them to collect the users' IP addresses. Most if not all of the imageboards shilled here are frequented by them, so be careful.
We are soon adding a feature for multichan to scrape " normal " textboards/imageboards, thus granting it " archiving " ability (and probably pissing off some devs in the process). The first step for a federated project is being able to talk with itself; being able to talk with other kinds of softwares is even more fun!
About [ / / / / ] About / FAQ about laguna.cafe laguna.cafe is an anonymous imageboard, a collective art exhibition, a rendeveux point for like minded people and whatever else you want it to be Use this space to share resources, express your most secret thoughts, post cringe or just lurk and don't post anything, weirdo :p Unlike the vast majority of imageboards we are not a place for hatespeech or abuse: This space is anti fascist, anti racist/sexist/homophobia/tranphobia and all other...
8kun is a platform that hosts a large selection of imageboards to browse. Most of the individual boards that make up 8kun are maintained by their respective Board Owners, who are not affiliated with the 8kun administration.
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De fato tem muita gente postando merda o tempo todo mas isso é comum em todos imageboards, mas eles conseguem pelo menos o minimo que é não adorar moderação e também não adorar nenhum politico. > Eu só queria um lugar com pessoas brancas de espírito, ocultistas, conspiracionistas, empreendedores digitais e jailbaitfags.
An imageboard is a type of discussion board where users share images and text about various topics. The primary difference between imageboards and traditional forums is that anybody can make a post without registering an account or providing any personal information. This lowers the barrier to entry, protects user identities and focuses on what is said, rather than who says it.