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But then I got sick and I lost my job, and I can’t afford what I used to be able to afford. Circumstances have changed in a way I didn’t prepare for.
I understand. I understand. I understand.
Nothing on this channel has been re-uploaded or taken from another source. I strive to be as unique as I can be with the content I upload on this channel and am truly grateful to share my passion for gaming with you all.
I UnknownSpy - Librarian settings UnknownSpy @UnknownSpy open_in_new Odysee switch_right Switch instance rss_feed Subscribe | 1598 followers I focus on character-based animation!
Do you know of any good sqlite libraries I could use? I can write sql but I think doing it in an object oriented way might be nicer? "(#ud6chhq) But now, that I have a bit more experience with the web stuff, I think I am gonna try to rebuilt the project I have for my blog with Golang just to see how it works.
4sqr - Hello... I guess...The official blog of 4sqr, on the dark net. 4sqr eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Hello... I guess... Published: July 7 2022 at 19:58 · 1 min read I haven't got much to say, however I do indeed think that this may come in handy within the future.
I tried using the " Safest " mode of TOR with reddit & it messes the design/viewing of it all up, I Dont know a solution to that. " Safer " mode works okay.
I cooked a WHOLE wagyu cow! - Invidious true Invidious Log in Welcome to qwik.space's instance of Invidious! I cooked a WHOLE wagyu cow!
Testimonials - Premium Cocaine StoreTestimonials “OMG! I am blown away – I feel amazing! So much more reflective of who I am…I really am so impressed! It has such an open, expansive feel. You are a rock star!
Read More → Technology Provided that I find the time for it, I will write down some of my knowledge concerning web server administration / security and system administration / security.
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I recently found that I needed more leg room under my (fairly shallow) desk. I didn't want to replace the desk unnecessarily though, so I built a topper to extend beyond it's natural edge and increase the depth of the desk.
I don ' t know if obfuscation like this completely works, but I like to think it helps. Still, I occasionally hear about events and certain pages that are only available on Facebook.
doctorstrange ' s Blog - Who wants my sperm?Hello, here I write mainly about extremism, pedosexuality as well as many other darkweb things! Please share my content, so that I can get the public I need!
Cryptid Hunting Organization-I am a seer and I am searching for the Cryptid Hunters Organization to join them. Lion13 Seeks the Cryptid Hunters Cryptid Hunting Organization Hello, I am seeking out the Cryptid Hunters Organization.
Avoid notifying my replies to my email - Support - Kicksecure ForumsFor every post I do here, I receive an email with my reply which is unecessary. I haven’t done anything differently to other discourse forums and I am thinking it is server configuration.
I know i could check some of these things my self but there are ways to obfuscate them for instance whois privacy and nginx mirror/cache, i would love a blog post about this if you dont mind.
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