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a lively six-year-old on top of a playground slide: “There she stood on her sturdy legs, with her head thrown back and her arms flung wide. As ruler of the playground, she was at the very zenith of her world.” But all would soon change: “If the camera had photographed the girl . . . at twelve instead of six . . . she
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a little� anti-authoritarian. More than a little. Magda's a straight arrow, though, and she has that incredible Lutheran sense of duty. Well, she grew up in Jena, with all those theology professors in the town. She's been their stepmother for close to three years now, and they like her. So maybe� I can't make any
a freak. Whatever is old — a man, a building, a moral principle — is regarded not as established but as obsolete; to be preserved if at all for its antiquarian interest, but got rid of without compunction the moment it becomes in the way. In the way, that is, of self-interest and the tireless sensualism of youth.
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a boy pretending to be a girl is still a boy and vice-versa is not a complicated lesson at all. Although, this being Britain, I guess you might go to prison for it … Philips High School in Whitefield, Greater Manchester, is to introduce a ban on skirts in favour of trousers this September. Diane Burdaky’s daughter
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