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Students train in the new radio studio, the first of its kind for the country On September 8, a new radio studio in Tashkent officially opened its doors to visitors from Uzbekistan and abroad.
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Autor Jowita Kiwnik Pargana (DW), Agnieszka Waś-Turecka (Interia), Agnieszka Rycicka Wszystkie filmy Słowa kluczowe Studio Europa Pobierz Zapis pliku MP4 Wklej Wklej wideo Opinie Drukuj Drukuj stronę Permalink https://p.dw.com/p/48xjV Więcej w Mediatece Studio Europa: Boeselager i Kohut o zbrojeniu się Niemiec 24.06.2022 Studio Europa: Krasnodębski kontra Scholz 06.06.2022 Studio Europa: Waszczykowski kontra Buetikofer 01.06.2022...
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"/v/ - Video Games" is a board about video games and gaming culture on 8kun. /v/ - Video Games [ / / / / / / / / / / / / / ] [ dir / random / cutebois / desu / ebon / fit / islam / rzabczan / tingles / utd ] /v/ - Video Games Vidya Gaems Catalog Archive Email sage Subject REC STOP Comment * File * Select/drop/paste files here Password (Randomized for file and post deletion; you may also set your own.)
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