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Power Primes(sec) Geekbench 4 aircrack-ng ffmpeg:mplayer Cinebench fake86 Schneider EuroPC Siemens 8088-1-P (8819) 512kb? 1x ISA Supertron Electric M1101 M78H012A (SUPER-IO-A) AMD P8088-1 24x DIP (Bank0,1:21256) AT don't enable turbo jumper DTK PIM-TB10 Siemens 8088 10MHz 24x DIP (640k) AT 737/13.9 (4.77: 344/6.5) ???
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Flash Storage 2x Samsung 960 Pro SSDs AMD Reference Vega 64 (Host) NVidia GTX 1080 (Passthrough) PCIe over USBC (Thunderbolt-on-Threadripper) 20gb Intel X540 T2 Networking How do you have more PCIe Devices than slots? The quadstellar case is great for this because you can use breakout cables. E.g. an x16 slot to 4x x4
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