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suicides. Total homicide rates followed the > same pattern. Removing large numbers of rapid-firing firearms from > civilians may be an effective way of reducing mass shootings, firearm > homicides and firearm suicides. > —— > > Now one might argue that there is some harm done by these laws and that > counters the benefits, or one (such as myself) might say that it would > be better to do more
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Methods - The Uncensored Hidden Wiki Category:Suicide Methods From The Uncensored Hidden Wiki Jump to: navigation , search Please be sure to seek professional help before seriously considering suicide. Treatment for depression is usually covered by your Health Insurance. For immediate help please call a Suicide Hotline . You can find the phone number for your country here . How-To's on How to
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suicide method? Threaded Index Date Index BC What was Cassini's suicide method? Posted by Lysander on 2017-September-15 05:46:22, Friday Would you say that Cassini plunged to its death, or that it died by self-immolation? (https site) Scientists Don't Want You to Call Cassini's End a 'Suicide' [ @nonymouse ] [ Guardster ] [ Proxify ] [ Anonimisierungsdienst ] Follow ups: it fared better than my
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easy. It involves danger, and also hard work. We face enemies in the world around us, institutions and individuals that set out to oppress and exploit us. And we also face forces within ourselves that work to keep us passive, conformist, confused, anxious, sad, self-destructive, weak. To fight these forces effectively, we need to make ourselves stronger, both as individuals and as groups of
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