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Well I found out my wife is cheating on me from my 11 year old daughter. She was texting him like this with my daughter in the back of the car. She took this picture and was completely grossed out, to say the least.
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Soledad Jarquín, in connection with her search for justice after the feminicide of her daughter, journalist María del Sol Cruz Jarquín. The journalist and human rights defender Soledad Jarquín1 has faced constant threats, intimidation and harassment, including digital attacks and death threats through social networks.
I got out of a six year relationship a couple months ago after it came out that my fiancee had been cheating with another dude. We had a daughter together and a son that was only four months old when I met her, so to him I was always Dad. DNA test showed that what I thought was our daughter was actually her and the guy she ' d been cheating with ' s daughter.
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The 55-year-old millionaire was found hanged, while his wife and daughter had been stabbed to death in a villa in the town of Lloret de Mar near Barcelona on April 19, police were quoted as saying. Police are said to be looking into two possible scenarios -- that Protosenya killed his wife and daughter and then hanged himself, or that someone killed the entire family and then staged the crime scene, the Spanish news site Telecino reported .
I took this video of my daughter days after her 2nd birthday. This is just a small sample of what she knows. I took this video to send to family out of state so they could see her and her charming personality.
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The two exchanged several e-mails in which the young man revealed his deranged plan to meet the father with his daughter and take the girl to a hotel. He even instructed the secret agent as soon as he left his daughter at the place where they had agreed to return home and report her disappearance to the police.