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darknet are growing. “ In terms of gross volume the darknet is growing but not nearly as fast as the rest of crypto — so dark net transactions are a shrinking percentage of the overall, ” he said. ? These aren ’ t drugs, it ’ s just a nice looking picture. $800 million in Bitcoin on one Russian site Bitcoin
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pictures directly, looking for camera artifacts or metadata analysis. Pictures are often worth 1000s of words, and with various opsec mistakes by vendors meaning there is a treasure trove of data out there waiting to analyze. Just last month we have seen vendors making trivial mistakes when posting photos of their
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darknet market, the circulating illicit Bitcoin picture also skewed. What is surprising is that the data suggests that the flow of illicit Bitcoins going through darknet marketplaces is largely centralized. For each year, over 50 percent of the illicit Bitcoins are linked to less than two darknet marketplaces. In