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Danielle Wendricks, who is receiving degrees in Community and Nonprofit Leadership and History, shares a favorite memory while she was a student at UW-Madison. Spring 2021 #UWGrad - Danielle
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Danielle Adams (@adamzdanielle) | nitterworking on @awsamplify. tsc & releaser @nodejs. moonlighting grad student @nyutandon. 👩🏻‍💻 opinions my own. she/her #blacklivesmatter nitter Danielle Adams
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Danielle Adams 😷 (@adamzdanielle) | nitterNode.js at @heroku/@salesforce. collaborator @nodejs. director @womenwhocodenyc. moonlight as a cybersecurity student. 👩🏻‍💻 she/her #blacklivesmatter
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Sensitive information of over 100 million debit and credit cardholders have been leaked on the dark web, a security researcher reported. The data has... Data of 100 Million Credit, Debit Cardholders
A prolific dark web trader has leaked what they claim to be 40 million user records from popular mobile app Wishbone. The individual (or team) known a... Wishbone Breach: 40 Million Records Leaked