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CP]] - History of CP. # [[History of CP]] - History of CP. Line 108: Line 109: * [http://greenroxwc5po3ab.onion/ Green Road] Green Road * [http://greenroxwc5po3ab.onion/ Green Road] Green Road − * [ http://kickassugvgoftuk.onion/ KickAss Marketplace]
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cp cp source target copies source file or directory to a target location. mv mv source target does the same as the cp command except it deletes the source afterwards. rm rm file or rm file file file ... removes one or more files. nano Creates and edits
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cp_key_store_action(cp_key_store_action_t); 183 int cp_key_store_action_for_volume(uuid_t volume_uuid, cp_key_store_action_t action); 184 cp_key_os_version_t cp_os_version(void); 185 // Should be cp_key_class_t but HFS has a conflicting definition 186
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