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This is because no one reads articles, even in article subreddits; articles rarely get more than 50 upvotes here, and articles inherently include personal info for somebody, which is not allowed in any form about any person. No posts featuring gore, animal or child abuse. Posts featuring gore/child/animal abuse are not allowed here. No screenshots of subreddits, reddit profiles, reddit posts, reddit comments, or reddit direct messages.
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We want you to relax, respect others, enjoy the artworks, leave comments or try 3D rendering or story writing yourself. You will NOT find any child pornography here! Nor will we allow posting links to such, Please read the rules BEFORE you register! Registrations are now open.
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All banner ads may be promoted with bids to boost the views! We accept any kinds of website except : child porn (cp), rape, gore, slaves and similar. If you apply for ads for those kinds of websites, we will review it sooner or later and remove it.
Skip next section News News 04/05/2022 April 5, 2022 Germany closes Russian darknet market Hydra Skip next section Reports & Analysis Reports & Analysis Cybercrime a booming business — thanks to COVID Cybercrime a booming business — thanks to COVID The coronavirus pandemic has given a huge boost to internet crime, and Germany is a particular target. Crime 05/11/2021 May 11, 2021 German police bust darknet child sex abuse platform German police bust darknet child sex abuse...
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If you choose to do so anyway, we are not responsible for your actions. We have a zero-tolerance policy on child pornography. Simple redirects to other domains and empty or faulty landing pages lead to account suspension. The accounts older than three months without any content or with no access in the last 30 days will be deleted automatically.
So they chose an audience of women between 18 and 34, randomly directing one group toward Mochips’s video on the Child Tax Credit, and delivering a “placebo” video to the other half of the sample. They found that Black TikTok users making less than $49,000 a year were 23 percent more likely to say they had a positive view of the Child Tax Credit.
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