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Лишь единицы из родителей реально пытались поднять шум в СМИ по поводу «эксплуатации детей», якобы имевшей место в Gegg Agency, что наталкивает на мысль о более вероятном закрытии агентства в результате давления со стороны США и Великобритании, чем по каким-то действительно серьёзным причинам.
This is because several of the young models previously hosted by Webe Web subsequently went off on their own following Webe's demise and continued working in the industry, many of them under new websites run by their parents. When the legal European youth modeling company known as the Gegg Agency fell for similar reasons, several of the girl models who were hosted by that site have likewise reappeared on other sites, also often under the auspices of their parents, who have interestingly...
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