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chat para a onion! Regras de contato via chat: Primeiramente, este chat é totalmente livre pra falar e fazer o que quiser, porém a única restrição é que não fale e não compartilhe links ou outros sobre CP (Children Porn - Pornografia infantil) ou relacionados. Quer participar? então clique aqui para acesso a página de
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chat - No Spam - No Drama 432 days ago Evil Chat This chat is very open to Tech Talk, and chit chatting. The rules include: Rules: - No CP, period. No Zoophilia in public chat - No Spam - No Drama 499 days ago All Groups Blogs Bookmarks Comments Discussion topics Files Polls Wire posts Users Tags About Terms Privacy
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chat room and want to find people to chat too, please " check in " here. When you leave chat, " check out " . By doing so, perhaps you will encourage more members to hit that " Chat " button up top. Note: Chat is only available to members with over 25 posts. Title: Re: Chat Room Check In / Check Out Post by:
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