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Questionnaire which aims at developing a self-help program intended for people who are worried about their sexual interest, thoughts, feelings or actions concerning children.
Nehmen Sie sich bitte ein paar Minuten Zeit für diese Umfrage. Ihr Ziel ist es, ein Selbsthilfeprogramm zu entwickeln für Menschen, die Darstellungen des sexuellen Kindesmissbrauchs (CSAM) oder illegale Gewaltdarstellungen anschauen: ReDirection.
Tómese algunos minutos para responder este cuestionario que busca desarrollar un programa de auto-ayuda para personas que usan material de abuso sexual de niñas, niños y adolescentes o material ilegal violento.
Prenditi alcuni minuti per rispondere a questo questionario, il cui scopo è sviluppare un programma di auto-aiuto di ReDirection per persone che utilizzano materiale abusivo su bambini o materiale illegale e violento.
Уделите несколько минут заполнению этой анкеты, цель которой - разработать программу самопомощи ReDirection для людей, использующих материалы с сексуальным насилием над детьми или противозаконные материалы, изображающие сцены насилия.
Tämän kyselyn tuloksia hyödynnetään uuden ReDirection omahoito-ohjelman kehittämiseen henkilöille, jotka haluavat lopettaa lapsiin kohdistuvaa seksuaaliväkivaltaa tai muuta väkivaltaa sisältävän laittoman kuvamateriaalin käytön.
Leidke mõni minut, et vastata küsimustikule, mille eesmärk on välja töötada ReDirectioni eneseabi programm inimestele, kes kasutavad laste seksuaalse väärkohtlemise materjali (child sexual abuse material-CSAM) või ebaseaduslikku vägivaldset materjali.
I don't need any help. Would you like to tell us the reason for this?
Self-help program is primarily intended for people who are worried about their sexual interest, thoughts, feelings or actions concerning children.
ReDirection self-help program for people who are worried about their use of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)!
What is it all about when my sexual interest is directed towards children considerably younger than myself?
The change this week in Hong Kong, with direct jurisdiction by the CCP/Beijing government and the override of the "Two Systems" agreement by security laws and mainland police presence seems to require review of whether users can have confidence of privacy or security when using HK servers.
What is of interest are the 149 Uyghur and 173 Tibetan CCP members who actually belong to a persecuted and oppressed minority in China despite seemingly holding positions in the CCP. We provide you with the database here.
Cai Qi (born 1955) – serving as the Communist Party secretary of Beijing since 2017, Cai became the first secretary of the CCP Secretariat. He is considered to be a close ally of Xi. Ding Xuexiang (born 1962) – serving as the director of the CCP General Office , Ding was effectively Xi's chief of staff since 2017.
Both groups are headed by the CCP general secretary, thus the power of the general secretary has become more concentrated. [ 10 ] List of general secretaries [ edit ] For a more comprehensive list, see Leader of the Chinese Communist Party .
She clarified that children and their parents can isolate together if both show a positive COVID-19 test. Mosher concluded his op-ed by arguing that it appears the CCP is seeking to "control the replication of [the Wuhan coronavirus] in the same way [it controls] production" through a "state plan" which includes lockdowns.
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The attack has emerged as another flash point in the tensions between Hong Kong and mainland China, with many commenters on news websites seeing Beijing ’ s hand — directly or indirectly — behind the assault on a journalist who oversaw coverage that was often highly critical of the Chinese government. “ There is a well documented history of ‘ murky ’ attacks on media and political leaders in Hong Kong who hold views that challenge positions of the...
User Reviews Guest 4 months ago Tell that to the people that called others crazy and delusional for trying to warn others Guest 4 months ago They can’t hand it over because the CCP already has access to whatever they want, or so I’ve heard. If it’s on a server in china, the government can (supposedly) access it at any time.
Speaking of villains from Star Wars, Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump ’ s former CIA chief and Secretary of State, who currently shapes State Department policy through his role at the Hudson Institute think tank, said that this diplomatic boycott is not enough, and suggested Brandon must go through with his threats of all out war against the small eyes. A diplomatic boycott of the #Olympics is not enough. The CCP doesn’t give a rip about a diplomatic boycott, because at the end of the day, they...
Justin Trudeau and His Comrades Seek to Abolish Internet Freedom for All Canadian Citizens Robert Malone MD Long history of China's CCP and Biowarfare Freddie deBoer The Incoherence and Cruelty of a Mental Illness as Meme 2nd Smartest Guy Was elon psyop-musk involved in psyop-19 & the deathvax™?
Nous vous invitons pour cela à verser selon vos possibilités et vos envies le montant de votre choix ici : CCP 17-129126-0 Gauche Anticapitaliste, Case postale 5210, 1002 Lausanne. mention “ Vérité pour Hervé ” Notes DANS LA MÊME THÉMATIQUE Répression - Enfermement Infos anti-rep pour la manif antifasciste Infos anti-rep pour la manif antifasciste de commémoration des 90 ans du 9 novembre 1932.
Published by Marxists Internet Archive Publications , 2009 For more information see: http://www.erythrospress.com/ 28 February, 2009: Added to the Swedish Isaac Deutscher Internet Archive : The Roots of Bureaucracy , Isaac Deutscher, 1960 [Thanks to Martin Fahlgren] 28 February, 2009: Added to the Swedish Literature Subject Archive : The Sorrows of Young Werther , Georg Lukacs, 1936 [Thanks to Jonas Holmgren] 28 February, 2009: Added to the Swedish Psychology Subject Archive : Dialectic Materialism and...
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By law, these people ARE NOT CIVILIANS. By spreading disinformation for the CCP, Israel, or dubious NGOs connected to the apparently compromised DNC, they are now ENEMY COMBATANTS. LEGAL TO BE SLAIN UNDER THE LAWS OF WAR, OR PERSECUTED IN MILITARY TRIBUNAL.
2 u/dwinps Nov 04 ' 22 You tell me, I don’t see a problem with Irving losing his job for spreading anti-Semitic rants You want to play whatabout games. 2 u/floppyjoopoo Nov 04 ' 22 I like to think that being in the pocket of the CCP and continuing business with them, when they have done several terrible, human rights atrocities. Is far, far worse than anything one person could say.
. → More replies 11 u/Imajinn Nov 23 '22 Damn that actually is super plausible lol Unfortunately they ' d probably robocop it though and give officers immunity to robocop law enforcement like the CCP higher ups. → More replies 24 u/MNCPA Nov 23 '22 Robot cop ' s camera mysteriously gets turned off. → More replies 35 u/kaffis Nov 23 '22 Oops, turns out the IP logs weren ' t saved and they use a shared account to log in to the robot.
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