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Join our Matrix Chat <=> IRC: #leftypol on Rizon [ Return / Go to bottom ] File: 1608525830516.jpg (132.34 KB, 1024x1019, doorofperception.com-storm….jpg ) A S C E T I C I S M Anonymous Comrade 2020-12-21 (Mon) 04:43:50 No. 4473 I don’t know is that a good idea to post this on that board, but I will try … For some time I thought about the rightness to renounce certain forms of consumption as part of the fight against capitalism.
08 Dec, 2022 S SuperBlack03 very bad service, I returned the bitcoin 07 Dec, 2022 C crystalphoenix The seller did not want to send my order for a week!!! 16 Nov, 2022 R RIWE Hello! I ordered two cards, one of them ended up with a balance of $95, not $1,200!!!!
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What does C|T Group do? The C|T Group website lists a range of campaign activities including: •Campaign strategy •Campaign messaging •Counsel and advice for business leaders, party leaders and candidates •Political engagement •Direct marketing •Local events and community engagement Data collection The C|T Group Privacy Policy provides information on how C|T Group collects and further processes personal data they control directly, mainly...