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town about 50 km away. She said it was cheap but it was clean. She said she was a bit embarrassed because she was sure the desk clerk knew why they were there. Both Candie and I sat there with our mouths open. We couldn‘t believe that they went to a motel. I know I was surprised, but I was also a bit envious. She went
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boys. One day when the boys were about fourteen and their bodies were really starting to mature, Barry was out in the family garage just looking for something to do he was looking through some of their Dad's tool chests he found a very unusual and very exciting magazine. As he thumbed through the pages he was eyeing
boys smiling all the while. "Well boys I received a letter from your sister today and she says that she will be coming home for about a month when college lets out after the spring semester". All the time she was speaking Barry was just kind of dreamily staring at his mother. He knew that since their dad had died a
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boys could not hear. The boys huddled together and put their hands in
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