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7941: I personally blame support actually for trying to reason with him. If i were support and i scam this boy, i will not even answer him one bit. Fool just wants to blame the wrong person
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The Kazakh Town Where A Statue Tumbled In January UnrestThe Kazakh town of Taldyqorghan was the only place where a statue of former President Nursultan Nazarbaev was toppled during anti-government
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In mainland Iceland's northernmost town, the women who powered the herring industry – and fought for gender equality – are driving a new tourism boom. Iceland ' s unsung ' herring girls ' - BBC
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Ukraine war: Bucha street littered with burned-out tanks and corpses - BBC NewsA BBC team witnesses utter devastation in the town of Bucha, after Russian soldiers pulled out. BBC Homepage Skip to
The Neon Blocks CNFT Project - C-NFT AgencyIf you Venture into any town or any city on the planet, it won’t take […] Close Skip to content Categories Editor ’ s Pick Featured P2E Art Collectables
How would you feed yourself in a middle of a town? Jump to main content Jump to sidebar Raddle Forums Wiki Log in Sign up /f/ Vegan How would you feed yourself in a middle of a town? Submitted by
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BGR India Was Hacked, Data Dumped On Dark Web - TorMagazineHackers have got reportedly compromised technology firm BGR's (Boy Genius Report) India site and dumped its data containing emails, hashed
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BADBOY TEAM<p>Get money nigga<br>Yeah - aw yeah<br>Dedicate this one to all the hustlers<br>That get up every motherfuckin’ mornin’ and put they work in<br>I see you - I see you boy<br><br>(c) 2PAC
How Lil Nas X changed music history on TwitterLil Nas X made music history in 2019 with the release of “Old Town Road,” a country-rap song that spent a record-breaking 19 consecutive weeks at the top
boy and i have met many drug dealer. I met one of well-known dealers in town that i have used to work with. I came on time to find out what is the purpose of the meeting.That man asked me to kill his
the opportunity? DW Debate from the World Economic Forum in Cape Town, South Africa | Business News - The Latest financial, market & economic news | DW | 10.09.2019 Visit the new DW website Take a look