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The Freiburg court sentenced the 37-year-old man from Switzerland to nine years in prison followed by an unknown length of supervised release. The man also owes the boy 14,000 euros as compensation.
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The only way to defend against this sort of attack is by using a Dead Man Switch to detect that you've been replaced at the helm, such as BusKill. But bluetooth... Using a radio-based Dead Man Switch introduces complexity, delays, and an increased vector of attack.
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Kazakhs Seek Answers As Loved Ones Detained, Injured, Or Killed Amid UnrestA dead man handcuffed with two bullet wounds, and a man with head injuries from a grenade taken out of a hospital by soldiers -- Kazakhs tell their stories of the ongoing crackdown following violent anti-government unrest that shook the country at the beginning of January.
Baker Boy, Julia Jacklin and Darren Hayes: Australia’s best new music for July | Australian music | The GuardianEach month we add 20 new songs to our Spotify playlist.
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