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Soirée DJ punk, goth, oï, coldwave, emo en soutien à l ’ agenda Vortex & vernissage d ’ expo de patch collective en soutien à Marìa Paz Vera, Natalia Alvarado, Felipe Romàn, Vìctor Zuñiga & Manuel Espinoza en détention préventive depuis juillet, accusé.e.s de l ’ attaque de novembre 2014 contre un comissariat de Santiago, Chili. plus d ’ infos (es) : CHILE: 5 COMPAÑERXS DETENIDXS ACUSADS DEL ATAQUE INCENDIARIO CONTRA LA BRIGADA DE HOMICIDIOS DE LA POLICÍA DE INVESTIGACIONES CHILE: 5...
Olivia C ô te, D é lia Espinat-Dief - P é taouchnok (2022) HD 1080p 03/11/2023 162475. Kiaya Scott, Shuntel Renay, Stormi Maya Alvarado - Wu - Tang An American Saga s03e06 (2023) HD 1080p 03/11/2023 162476. Hanna Hilsdorf, Saskia Rosendahl - A Thin Line s01e05 (2023) HD 1080p 03/11/2023 162477.
It reminded me about the revolutionaries Read more >> Let the Secession Begin: States Must Reclaim Immigration Laws By Pedro de Alvarado on 01/09/2023 Traitor Joe Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas just went to the southwest border not to announce measures to stop the Camp of the Saints invasion of illegal-aliens , but instead to launch a program to import more.
Ayahuasca is the hispanicized (traditional) spelling of a word in the Quechuan languages , which are spoken in the Andean states of Ecuador , Bolivia , Peru , and Colombia —speakers of Quechuan languages who use the modern Alvarado orthography spell it ayawaska . [ 10 ] This word refers both to the liana Banisteriopsis caapi , and to the brew prepared from it.