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Vader would seem like this terrible monster, stalking and hunting these Jedi. He would do really insane, brutal killings; beheading Jedi, force blasting them into trees, etc. Similar to what Genndy did in his Clone Wars series with Asajj. The whole thing should essentially feel like Apocalypse Now's ending sequence, constantly, until the end, where we return to the nice sleek interiors of an Imperial Star Destroyer.
In another notorious case, an Iranian man was sentenced to nine years in prison for beheading his 14-year-old daughter with an axe in a so-called “honor” killing that prompted widespread outrage in the country in August 2020.
September 10 – Hamida Djandoubi 's is the last guillotine execution in France (at Marseille ) and the last legal beheading in the western world. September 11 – Atari, Inc. releases its Video Computer System in North America. September 18 – Courageous (U.S.), skippered by Ted Turner , sweeps the Australian challenger Australia in the 24th America's Cup yacht race.
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