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baby." She whispered to him while stroking his hair. He layed down along side of her, when he did, she could feel his hard-little nail poke into her hip. She reached down and felt his little cock, 'he is so hard' she thought "I need to take care of this for you." She whispered, "turn around and bring it to mommy's
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baby." Putting her arm around him as he crawled up and lay down, she was hugging both of us, "Ohhh... my two men make me feel soooo goood" she whispered kissing his head. We laid there for almost 30 minutes just hugging and rubbing and kissing each other. Finally, Billy said, "Can we go swimming now?" We laughed and
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love you so much baby girl. So much more than you'll ever know." They lay intertwined like this (him between her thighs, nuzzling her neck) napping for a while. The summer sun was still shining bright in the sky so he suggested they clean off in the pool and offered his hand to help her up. Looking at her disheveled
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