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Mariupol este și un „exponat” important în argumentația Moscovei că ar fi lansat invazia din Ucraina pentru a „denazifica” țara: orașul este baza regimentului Azov , o forță paramilitară cu origini de extremă-dreapta încorporată în garda națională a Ucrainei. În anunțul făcut joi de ministerul rus al Apărării, capturarea orașului Mariupol este prezentată drept „eliberarea” sa de sub controlul batalionului Azov, relatează DPA.
Someone Needs to Figure Out This Azov Satanism Thing – Daily StormerPeople keep getting confused about the whole Featured Stories World US Society Insight Daily Stormer The Most Censored Publication in History Featured Stories World US Society Insight Someone Needs to Figure Out This Azov Satanism Thing Andrew Anglin March 31, 2022 Hey, Times of London.
' Smashed To Pieces ' : Besieged Mariupol Teeters On The BrinkFor weeks, civilians and defenders of Ukraine's Azov Sea port of Mariupol have been trapped inside the besieged city, which Russia sees as a crucial strategic goal. As the Russians press their attack, efforts to evacuate civilians and provide humanitarian aid are being stymied.
Families now bailing on Disney parks, films, merchandise over company's insanely "woke" counterculture push that seems steeped in pedophiliaFamilies now bailing on Disney parks, films, merchandise over company's insanely NATURAL NEWS Defending Health, Life and Liberty Families now bailing on Disney parks, films, merchandise over company's insanely "woke" counterculture push that seems steeped in pedophilia By jdheyes // 2022-04-05 Tweet Share Copy The...
Boycottez le Festival international de films LGBT de Tel Aviv - CRICLes queers palestiniens et leurs alliés au sein du mouvement BDS lancent un appel au boycott du Festival international de films LGBT de Tel Aviv (...)
He also played the title character of the "Indiana Jones" films - a college professor of archeology wearing an iconic wide-brimmed fedora hat who becomes an action hero. Other notable films include "Blade Runner," "Witness" and "The Fugitive."
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Internet Cinema tvzavr Will Present the Movie about Satoshi Nakamoto – news BitcoinDoubler2x The movie “Decrypted” in the black comedy genre will be filmed by the independent British studio Substantial Films. Announced budget of the project makes Р’Р€1 mln. (about $1,3 mln). Its financing, in addition, will be procured due to the release of its own token, whose sales will cover to 65% of the budget.
Quelques infos sur : l ’ Europe au bord du crash : http://www.lemonde.fr/televisions-radio/article/2015/04/21/l-europe-avant-qu-il-ne-soit-trop-tard_4619549_1655027.html Stop TAFTA : https://www.collectifstoptafta.org les économistes atterrés : http://www.atterres.org la Sociale : http://www.lasociale.fr le Collectif de défense de l ’ hôpital de Charleville-Mézières : http://sauvegardehopital.over-blog.com la Mutuelle Santé 08 : http://www.mutuellesante08.fr Tarifs : 1 film : 6 € - 3 films...
Très tôt il se passionne pour les films de gangsters. À neuf ans il fait son premier casse avec trois potes, inspiré par Sleepers , à douze ans il décide d’en faire son métier.
The Matrix | Onion Link Directoryhat is the Matrix<br/><br/>In my opinion, The Matrix films provide the best metaphor our society has for understanding why organized evil and oppression are allowed to exist, and so I will use it for this purpose.
C'est le premier programme des Tanneries depuis la pandémie. Un mois de novembre rempli de films, de discussions, de bars en mixité choisie, de boums... Afficher le menu de navigation Infos locales Réflexion Ailleurs Chroniques Chronique de l’ordinaire Chronique de la réserve CN ON AIR Des mondes en soi Errances urbaines Extraire l’étincelle Foot à cagoules Histoires et héritages KawaTV L’Actu des Oublié.e.s Les Tanneries disent...
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This postmodern concept "could easily begin to feel like a gimmick," says Gates, "but the filmmakers... craft something transcendent." Released internationally on 22 April (Credit: IFC Films) Cow No relation to such recent films as Dog, with Channing Tatum, or Pig, with Nicolas Cage, Cow is a revelatory documentary directed by Andrea Arnold ( American Honey , Fish Tank).
Read More » Les célébrations paroxystiques en l ’ honneur de la vieille sorcière Élisabeth II sont insoutenables AdminDP juin 5, 2022 Commentaires fermés sur Les célébrations paroxystiques en l ’ honneur de la vieille sorcière Élisabeth II sont insoutenables Ils célèbrent au quoi au juste, dans ce pays musulman Read More » La femme blanche mythomane Amber Heard enfin DÉTRUITE par la justice pour ses accusations de viol contre Johnny Depp AdminDP juin 3, 2022 Commentaires fermés sur La femme blanche...
Europe ... 2022 picture (hard) 03.04 hundreds-of-murdered-civilians-from-towns-near-kyiv kyivindependent.com 02.04 Address of the Deputy Commander of the AZOV Regiment in Mariupol 3' video 02.04 3rd round of disintegration of russian empire windowoneurasia2 02.04 the-deep-tap-root-of-ukrainian-freedom kyivpost.com 02.04 Want to Help Ukraine?
Again, almost all of these run in the browser: https://archive.org/details/consolelivingroom • The Prelinger Archives. Old ephemeral, educational, industrial films: https://archive.org/details/prelinger?tab=collection • Transfers of random old VHS tapes: https://archive.org/details/vhsvault • The Computer Chronicles.
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History has not ended. From Ukraine’s right-wing organizations such as the Azov Battalion, Right Sector and Svoboda, that advocate an independent Ukrainian state, to Russian nationalists who want to “regather” Russian lands, good, old-fashioned Blut und Boden nationalism are at work: Regathering of the Russian Lands , by Anatoly Karlin, Substack, February 26, 2022 Azov, Ukraine's Most Prominent Ultranationalist Group, Sets Its Sights On U.S., Europe , by Christopher...