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sell much. How do I find trustworthy people to sell to from this position? 6 comments Comments Sort comments by Top New /u/whosehoes 1 points 2 weeks ago Having just one friend is all you need to start out really. Just sell him or her the shit you get from the darkweb, they will definatley see a difference in quality
arms vendors from the Philippines specialized in selling ghost guns.If you are not familiar clean guns never used and untraceable not pre owned. Asian/European buyers receive from the Philippines and US buyers domestically.the serials are unregistered Philippine made arms. We also can do special bulk orders 100+ guns
arms to authoritarian regimes. But while the government’s lax attitude to arms export licensing is examined, exports of other UK goods which directly facilitate internal repression are still not subject to CAEC scrutiny. Surveillance technology, which has played a documented role in the suppression of dissent across